International Hotel
Management Course

Starts from April 2017

Features for International Hotel Management Course

For Japanese Students

  • Get international sense and language skills while learning with foreign students on your daily school life.
  • Improve your language and service skills at oversea study in New Zealand & job training at Niseko, Hokkaido.
  • Learn practical business English and set out to get higher score at TOEIC.

For Foreign students

  • Improve your Japanese skill on daily conversation with your Japanese classmates.
  • Set out to achieve N1 level at JLPT you can take advantage of job searching in Japan.
  • Learn practical guest service and Japanese hospitality at job trainings twice at domestic hotel markets.
The companies you can be employed in
● Hotels in domestic and international markets
● Japanese style accommodations/Ryokan Hostel
The job you can set out for
● Front staff/Reception staff
● Porters
● Concierge
● Restaurant staff
● Sales and marketing staff etc
The qualifications you can take
● EIKEN/English proficiency test
● JOBPASS/Qualification for business skill
● HRS/National Trade Skill for the Restaurant Service etc

"Almost 50% of curriculums are on English basis"
"Superior curriculums for improving your language and management skills"

We have lessons separately for Japanese and foreign students and for all together, and some classes will be operated in English. Practically you can learn Hotel service skills such as basic knowledge, guest service for attending foreign tourists, and Japanese tourism market.

< Example of Curriculum >
Lessons for both students
Hotel management/
Restaurant management/Hotel marketing/Basic of attending and service for foreign guests/Concierge/Hotel Accounting etc
Lessons for Japanese students
Successful steps for TOEIC/Successful steps for EIKEN/Oral English/Current English/Second foreign language etc
Lessons for Foreign Students
Japanese cultures/Japanese language/Successful steps for JLPT/Successful step for SPI etc

Work in Japan after graduation!
3 years at IBC to grab your dream

In order to grab your dream to be employed in Japan, you will be required Japanese language and communication skills to express yourself smoothly. IBC gives you many opportunities to operate your classes both in Japanese and in English while learning real Japanese guest service and hospitality. Learn with your Japanese classmates and teachers, and your Japanese language skill will be improved on your daily life at school. You will be able to have job trainings at domestic hotels in Japanese market twice for 3 years. It’s a great chance for you to get Japanese style service skill which is appreciated all over the world. This experience will be of huge merit for your job searching in the future and for achieving your goal. Also you can get some qualifications like N1 at JLPT and HRS, National Trade Skill for Restaurant Service etc. These are to your big advantages for your future employment in Japan. We are quite sure that 3 years at IBC will make your possibilities bigger and let’s keep up good work together to improve your skill for the future.

1st grade

For foreign students, there are some lessons with/without Japanese students, depending on the curriculums. You will get some skills and knowledge you are definitely required for being employed at tourism industry, like specialized knowledge about hotels, Japanese language, important manners of business and computers etc.

February and March of 1st grade

You will learn Japanese style hospitality on the job training

There is a job training for 2 months at domestic hotels in Japan on February and March in winter of 1st grade. You will go to some hotels or Japanese style accommodation mainly in Kyusyu area for your training. Before job training, you will learn Japanese language and cultures as much as possible. And you will have an opportunity to get “Japanese first class service skill” from professional staff on your job training.

Between December and February of 2nd grade

Improve your service skill using your practical “hospitality mind”

There is a second job training at hotels for 3 months in winter of 2nd grade. Work with your mother language, English, Japanese and “IBC’s hospitality mind” and provide all visitors with your world-class services.

Foreign Student who is studying at IBC at the moment

Mr. Gurung Munindrajung
Start studying from April 2016
From Nepal

Q. How’s your school life at IBC?

A. It’s a little hard to handle both studying and working as a part-time at the same time, but I am enjoying my school life. When I take days off, I enjoy playing with my friends or watching movies at a movie theater. Sometimes I had time to have a meal and chat with my friends and it’s a great pleasure for me. And I often go to sea to have good fun.

Q. What is your dream in the future?

A. My dream is to be a reliable hotelier who can sort any problem out and be satisfied with not only guests but also my workmates.

Q. Is there any reason why you have chosen IBC?

A. I have chosen IBC because I would like to learn about Hotel industry in the great circumstance for communicating with a lot of Japanese students, and for improving my Japanese language skill.

Q. How do you handle to pay tuition and for your COL (cost of living)?

A. My parents have made a payment for tuition, but I have been working as a part-time worker to earn my COL.

Q. Is there any advice for foreign students who are now considering to go to IBC?

A. It’s very important for foreign students who will go to IBC to have good enough Japanese language skill, especially Kanji characters.

Foreign Student who studied at IBC

Mr. Shunsho Cho
Graduate of Hotel course in 2016
From Inner Mongolia

Working at Park Hyatt Tokyo

I could learn Japanese language and service when I worked at a hotel as a job trainee

In order to work at hotel industry in Japan, we need language skill of course, and also communication skill with anyone comfortably. IBC provided us with 2 opportunities to take job trainings and I could improve not only Japanese language skill but also learn hearty hospitality mind and guest service skill. When you decide to choose your institute, it should be better to choose circumstances in which you can study with Japanese students for improving your skill.

Regarding supports for employment

3rd grade

IBC has more than 500 job recruitment every year. We will have job hunting to set out getting job offers from the companies you can work on the international scene, for instance foreign-financed hotels or overseas hotels. In order to make your dream come true, IBC will help you use 21-year experiences as much as we can.

employment achievements

Hotel Okura Amsterdam
Park Hyatt Tokyo
Grand Hyatt Tokyo
Westin Hotel Tokyo
Conrad Tokyo
The Peninsula Tokyo
Mandarin Oriental Hotel etc

*These results come from Hotel Course for past several years

Homeroom teacher system (supervising teacher system)
to support every student one by one

IBC has a lot of positive feedback from our students as “Students and Teachers are closer”, ”Very homey atmosphere”. One of the reasons why is that IBC uses Homeroom teacher system (Supervising teacher system). Homeroom teachers keep good communication with all students, and have reliable relationships with them to make the feel free to consult about a wide range of school life through their future. And homeroom teachers will try to give every student proper advices with employment department staff for checking their future hopes one by one. IBC will support you as much as possible until you graduate.

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